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This is a one of a kind hand-crafted edible Chocolate Clutch, Purses, Handbag which made from tempered chocolate.

Create your own Chocolate Clutch, Purse and Handbag by choosing what type of chocolate you want it to be.

Chocolate Clutch/ Purse / Handbag (Plain)


Allergen LIST:

Contains Milk and Soya. May contain traces of nuts and / or sesame seeds. Though not all our chocolates contain nuts, they are made where nuts have been used.

Our chocolates are NOT made in a nut free environment and may contain Nuts, other types of nuts including (Pistachios and Hazelnuts) Milk,Soya, Sulphites and Wheat. Please contact us before ordering if you have any allergy in order to find out more information about our chocolate ingredients



Gold (E555, E172, E171)

Flame Frenzy (E172, E171)

Silver Sparkle (E171, E172)

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