Cake Pops are so Last Year!!!

Introducing our Handmade Chocolate Truffle Pops made fresh in our Kitchen. Our Truffle Pops Include:

Lavender: Dark Chocolate truffle infused with Lavender and enrobed in Dark Chocolate.


Salted Caramel: Home made Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffle enrobed in Milk Chocolate and topped with flakes of sea salt.


Rochers: Made with our homemade Gianduja and toasted Hazelnuts and enrobed in Hazelnut Mixed with Milk chocolate for a lovely nutty delight.Contains Hazelnuts


Vanilla: White Chocolate Truffle infused with vanilla bean and encased in Milk Chocolate.


Strawberry: White Chocolate Truffle infused with strawberry and encased in White Chocolate.


Raspberry: A Dark Chocolate Fruity Boozy combination of Raspberry and Chambord(raspberry liqueur) encased in Dark Chocolate.Contains Alcohol,Sulphites


Passion Fruit: White Chocolate Truffle infused with passion fruit and encased in White Chocolate.

Chocolate Truffle Pops


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