This is a one of a kind handmade Christmas Bar comes in a variety of flavours including :
Rocky Road Bar filled with Marshmallows, Jellybeans and Fudge *Contains Wheat
Orange And Chilli(Dark Chocolate)
Mint Crisp(Dark Chocolate)
Winter Spice (Dark Chocolate)
Ginger Nut(Dark Chocolate)* Contains Wheat
Choca-Cola(Milk Chocolate)
Salted Caramel(Milk Chocolate)
Hazelnut Crunch(Milk Chocolate) *Contains HazelNuts
Coffee Latte(Milk Chocolate)
Cookies And Cream(White Chocolate)*Contains Wheat
Almond Bark (White Chocolate) *Contains Almonds
Lemon And Poppy Seeds (White Chocolate)*Contains Poppy Seeds
Strawberries And Cream (White Chocolate)
Cranberry Bliss(White Chocolate) *Contains Pistachios



Christmas Tree Chocolate Bar